How OTT platform earn

whenever you saw a movie on any ott platform then one question arrive in your mind is that how ott platform earn, so keep calm, today I will gonna show you how ott platform earn, Hey I am Yash Panchal Founder & C.E.O. of DigitalUnfolding.

So now lets came to topic how ott platform earn money, so basically they earn money from two type of method, I mention below name of the method they use.

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1 . Ads Placement

There is a lot of ott platform present on the internet, whenever you go on ott platform there is some content that is available free, for watching this you have no need to subscribe to ott platform service, but there are Ads on the content. it is the first way from which the ott platform earns money.

2 . Subscription model

The major portion of the revenue of the ott platform came from this model, in this model they charge some amount of money from you to get access to their premium content. the major revenue came from this source.


So now I hope you get the answer to the question of how ott platform earns money, and at the end thank you so much for visit Digital Unfolding, if you get some value and extra knowledge then please comment below your thoughts about the blog topic.

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