HP 15 db 1xxx Honest review [2022]

HP 15 dB Whenever You have a thought in mind of purchasing a laptop with windows OS then one brand name definitely comes to mind is HP, HP is the leading brand in the laptop manufacturing sector, and the HP brand laptop generally integrated with windows OS or HP operating system, I personally own a Laptop HP 15-db1xxx that’s why I write the article HP 15 dB review. Hey, I am Yash Panchal Founder & C.E.O. of Digital Unfolding.

First of all, I want to show you the Specification of my Device so you get a basic idea about it.

Table of Contents

1 . Keyboard Quality of HP 15 db 1xxx

The keyboard of my laptop is outstanding, the smoothness of the keyboard of the HP laptop 15-db1xxx is incredible personally say I love it, and the thing I found best is that there is some light given on some special keys Like Caps Lock and volume of. overall keyboard quality is amazing

2 . Screen Size & Quality of HP 15 db 1xxx

The screen size is 15.6 inches which give the wide look, and if quality says then HP 15db-1xxx came with a full HD display 1080 Pixel, if you will looking for video of 1080 pixel quality then you will get an amazing experience with a personal display is amazing.


3 . TouchPad

the touchpad is also quite good HP 15 db is fast and finger-friendly you can easily manage it, and the thing I like is the left click and right click button is very good. overall saying in one line touchpad is good but if a little bit improved then it’s perfectly fine.

4 . Battery Backup of HP 15 db 1xxx

There is no word for battery life for the HP 15 db in my personal experience I have rarely seen a laptop that provides a battery life of 6-7 hours. in my personal experience if you start doing your work from 100& charged laptop and do work on low brightness then it gives you a backup of 7 hours but if you use it in full brightness then approximately 5-4.5 hours which is good. in the field of battery backup, I believed HP 15-db1xxx is king.

5. Processor

it comes with two types of processor intel I 3 or Ryzen 3 if you go with ryzen then the price should be less. it is your choice completely.

Problems Faced by me

I write the article HP 15 db because I personally own it and that’s why I know some problems faced by me. The laptop is overall good but one problem I face normally is that the touch gesture of laptop some time stop working but it is a common issue I researched on the internet about that and I found that it is happened in top-level laptop also, so by keeping this point side overall laptop is amazing, I personally recommend you HP 15-db1xxx it is the best laptop in the price range of 35000 INR.


I hope I provide you with my best information about HP 15-db1xxx if you have the mind to purchase it then below I provide my affiliate link from which you can buy it, don’t worry you don’t have a need to pay the extra amount it is same, and if you want to buy it offline then it is also good. I hope you get a lot of value in the article HP 15 db, thanks for reading the whole blog post till the end, for you we have one gift from our side, Scratch the scratch card present below and win some interesting courses for free.

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